Kim Kardashian Gets Sued for Bogus Diet Pills


The Kardashian Klan are no strangers to being sued. This go around Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are in deep water over their alliance with QuickTrim products

 Kim Kardashian Gets Sued for Bogus Diet Pills

The plaintiffs involved in the suit say that the Kardashians made illegitimate claims as to the effectiveness of the product, and now they need to pay the price. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and QuickTrim are being sued for $5 million.

The K-girls have been the face of the product for a couple of years now, Kim even Tweeting such encouragements saying, “Our QuickTrim cleanse will be massive! Khloe has already lost so much weight.”

A bunch of angry dieters aren’t quite as enthralled and have filed a suit against QuickTrim and the Kardashians. The suit claims that the main ingredient in QuickTrim products is caffeine, and ”The FDA has determined [caffeine] is not a safe or effective treatment for weight control.”

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